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Restorations of the Church

The church benefited from two restorations

toit-Between 1903 and 1906, the first one permitted to restore the porch and to save the church.

-During the second one, in the 80's, we decide to renew the roof with oaks' shingles because we made an exceptional discovery: a part of the frame is from the XIIth century.

All the materials used in the construction of the building is local. The church is made of sandstone or limestone rubble schist stones still visible today in the bed of the river and the surrounding hills.

Seven periods of restoration have been done during the last twenty years

- 1987-1995: Roofing restauration with oak shingles and slate of Pyrenean schist.
- 1997-1998: Cleaning and repointing of exterior siding.
- 1999: Repointing and painting the interior facings with whitewash.
- 2001-2002: Restoration of the choir and the altarpiece.
- 2011: Total refurbishment of the roof with acacia shingles.
- 2012: Restoration of the outer wall and creation of a ramp for disabled persons.
- 2013: Stained glasses and portal restorations in progress...
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